White Dove Release

Deron and I are in NW South Dakota (Rapid City, Belle Fourche, Spearfish,parts of WY and MT) and hope to be set up before too long to offer White "Dove" Releases. But for now, here is a bit of information you might like to know about the birds and business of WHITE DOVE RELEASE

White Dove Release at your wedding, or at a funeral, or when a baby comes home from the hospital, when a couple reconciles, a special birthday or other event is a beautiful thing....but PLEASE, do not take this on if you do not know what you are doing. You can not just go out and buy a few White Doves and turn them loose at your event to save the cost of hiring someone to come and release their birds.

First and foremost, the White Doves that are released at events are not Doves. The white birds released at events are Homer or Homing Pigeons that happen to be white in color. White Homing Pigeons fly home, but only if they were born at that home. You can not just buy a few White Pigeons and keep them a few days and then think they will find their way back to your home after the event.

Please do not buy Doves to release at events. Even if someone GIVES you free Doves do not turn them loose. They are not like Homing Pigeons that will fly home. They will be lost and without a home. Homeless. If you do this you could just be feeding the Hawks, or worse yet, being the person that is responsible for these "released Doves" starting to death.

A Little Bit About The Business/Why The Prices Seem So High

You should know that when you see the prices for a White Dove Release Service and your say, "Boy, that is expensive.", that there is a reason for the cost. All you and your guess will see is a person or a couple of people show up in nice clothes with a basket or wooden crate or nice cage full of a few beautiful white birds. You or they turn them loose and it is over....well, for you it is over. But first of all it began long before you called for the service. These folks planned for this business they run and have a lot into it. More heart and love for the birds then all the money they have spent.

White Pigeons and even White Homing Pigeons are not all the same. Homing Pigeons have this chip (actually part of the brain, nothing man installed) that leads them not just to their home area, but right to their own lofts (pigeon barns) or cages. But they must be hatched there. A person can not decide one day to "hang a shingle" or take out an add, buy some birds and start a White Dove Release Business.

First you must invest the time to learn about the care and keeping of the Pigeons. You must then invest your money into cages/loft/equipment for the birds. You need to know what to feed a working bird. As I say on my Pigeon page of this same website, you can feed a pigeon inferior feed, it will survive and probably multiply, but it will not thrive. You must feed a superior feed/good nutrition, to a working bird. And a Pigeon that is going to learn and love to fly miles is a working bird.

Then you must train your birds. Little by little increasing the mileage over time. It is not like they become fledged out (grown their feathers) and off they go to the Church to be released for a wedding. There are hours and hours of training involved. And back to nutrition, the birds must be in working condition, their bodies in shape, before one would ever think of releasing them to fly.

To train you must have the proper crates and or pens to take them out safely to fly. You do not just open the care door and call them. All young birds start out on short runs, older birds will fly several miles.

Once you do have your birds ready to fly for an event the person bringing the birds needs to have nice baskets or cages to fly them from. Most decorate the expensive baskets for your event to make it look as nice as they can for you. Then that person dresses nice, certainly not what they would for a training run, so that your event is top notch.

The person providing this service for you is a professional, ie, they are working and providing a service. Just like when you get up Monday morning to go to your job, they expect to get paid. They have set the booking date a side, they have dressed for the affair, they have trained the birds and made them as nice and clean and fresh for your event as they can. Also, keep in mind the gasoline it took to get to your event.

After the release the birds many times beat the folks home. But many times a bird will arrive home late. And because of the love of the birds, the relationship the person has with that bird, the time spent with training and all, and don't forget this person raised that bird; that person worries that something happened on the way home. Just like humans in the vehicles, there are risks each time a bird flies.

So what I hope you now understand are the hours and money that go into each bird that is flying at your event. Each cared for and fed a good, albeit not cheap, diet, housed in a nice loft or expensive cages. All the hours of training that went into the beautiful birds that will now, for that short time, make your event one that no one will forget.

As Traditional At Weddings As Flowers

White Dove Releases have become as traditional, elegant and add that extra remembrance to weddings as the bride carrying flowers. Guests attending the weddings love to see the birds fly and brides and grooms get a special blessing setting the first two birds off on their journey signaling the life's journey that the bride and groom will now share together. Pigeons have also been thought to bring fertility. Many White Dove Release Co.'s now offer to release birds for outdoor wedding photos (taking no responsibility for any soiled clothing, remember they are birds and $h%$ happens).

Be The Center Of Attention!

Most churches have outlawed throwing rice and bird seed at the bride and groom. Bubbles are so outdated, overdone, the containers are wasteful and have such a negative impact on the environment. The bubbles soap can be such a mess, and they not nearly as elegant as The White Bird Release. Further, with the White Dove Release YOU are the center of the attention. With bubbles folks are playing with them, children are running and playing, but when you release the White Doves, ALL eyes are on you.

White Birds Are Not Your Style?

PigeonH1101a 2011-07-23

So you like the idea of the Bird Release but White Birds are just not your style. Or you and your soon to be spouse met while feeding feral pigeons at the park. Or you have a different, more Goth or other style wedding, and White just will not do. Then skip ahead down a few paragraphs and read about "Birds Of Other Colors". These might be just what you are looking for. You can still have the elegance and be the center of attention, but with different colored birds. Who knows? By doing something just a bit different your wedding might become "the wedding of the year" for your guests.

Other Events Where White "Doves" Will Add Much To The Event

There are so many type of events that White "Doves" can add so much to. The birds make any event a beautiful and memorial gathering. There may even be more people that attend with the added emotional tug that the White "Dove" Release offers. The birds can bring an addition pull on the emotions weather it be of joy for a wedding, sadness to a funeral, gladness of a baby or babies coming to their first home, the excitement of a birthday party, more to come


PigeonC1117a 2011-07-23

You might also be interested hosting a Release of A Rainbow of Full (naturally) Colored Birds. Homing Pigeons come in an array of colors and while you could not "order" only certain colors in large bird releases (most breeders would not have only one color) you may be able to ask for certain colors for small releases.

You might consider Birds Of Other Colors for release at events. Again, they must be Homing Pigeons, but how fun to release Birds Of Another Color at events where White Dove Release just won't do. Such as a young man's Barmisca, or Birthday Party, that "Over The Hill" Birthday Party, or an older person Memorial if that person was not into "frilly". Some brides may not care for White Birds, but Brown or Gray or other Colors might suit her just right. Goth wedding brides might like dark birds released for their ceremony. What about that divorce that is FINALLY over. Or when troupes come home to the USA! A celebration all the same, but the people involved might not want the White Dove Release.

Headed To White "Dove" Release and "Birds or Other Colors" Business

Thrift Store Finds

I have wanted to have a White "Dove" Release Business for a few years. I have had White Homing Pigeons and was even headed in that direction. Life changes. But now Deron and I are Pigeon owners again and are headed in that direction.

Right now, I am just looking for birds and equipment. Breeding will come after that, followed by training. Like I said, there is a lot of work behind this business. As you can see from the photo, the search has begun.

much more to come on Homer/Homing Pigeons and their care, upkeep and "flying them".

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