Turkeys as pets? You bet. You will not find too many people that keep them in their homes, but those people do exist. Remember the show "Daniel Boone"? Daniel's son Israel had a pet turkey that they was on several of the series shows. Elli May Klampet, on the show "Beverly Hillbillies", also had a pet turkey and it too, like Israel Boone's, came into the house. I loved these shows as a kid.

Many people throughout history have brought home a baby turkey in the Spring thinking it would be Thanksgiving Dinner, only to be tooooo soft, or tooooo smitten by the Turkey and instead serve the turkey a Thanksgiving Dinner and that turkey, only after Thanksgiving, is professed a pet turkey.

Not only can you buy packaged Turkey Food from you local feed dealer, there are packaged Turkey Treats. Not only do people keep Turkeys as pets, there are Yahoo Group lists and Meet Up Groups set up just for people that own pet turkeys.

Before you run out and buy a Turkey for a pet there are some things you should know. (more to come)


There are many breeds of Turkeys, many sizes and colors and body styles. A Turkey is just a Turkey. Be sure you know what your keet/baby Turkey is going to look like when full grown before buying. Some of the Turkeys grown for meat can barely stand when an adult for the large breast they have developed.

more on breeds to come

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