Swan Sleigh

Who would not love to have a pair of Swans in a large pond outside their window so that they could watch these elegant birds go about their day?

There is a reason you do not see Swans too often. They are very expensive. Swans do not have a high fertility rate and thus, it costs for $450 - $1600 for a pair of "ugly ducklings" properly called Cygnets. That price of course are for the more common breeds of Swans, now for the more rare...well? Most of us could not afford to own them. To raise those babies is a hit and miss too. I have a good friend in TN, Nichole from DumansArk.com who says that "Geese are the poor mans Swans". I think it is not only a cute quote, but very true. You can do so much with geese.

Swans are mesmerizing. They are so elegant. They are fun to watch and the water barely moves when they swim. When a person stands or sits and watches Swans and or other water fowl, it is said that they, the people, are lowering their blood pressure. It seems watching animals, such as swans, is not only relaxing, it is good for the body and soul.

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