Who does not love a Parrot Trick Show? We all love them. The parrots love them. Many of the tourist places have them. I was pleased to see, here in NW SD that the bird show at a local reptile house has not only parrots, but also chickens, a hawk, pigeons, and other birds worked into the show. They had/have a chicken that ran across the area on command, a couple of hawks that flew in from another area of the park, parrots they rode bikes and talked, as well as performed other tricks.

There are many breeds of what we call Parrots. Come eat nuts and such and others eat only fruit. Some or most talk. There are breeds/types that are easier to teach to perform tricks than others. All of these types of birds are highly intelligent and can become bored very easily. Do a LOT of research before you buy or bring home a parrot. Parrots NEED a lot of attention or they will/can become pests, very loud pests. You will need to know that a loose parrot might eat your home, yes, chew on your window sills until the window sill is gone. If left on their own inside their cages they can become "feather pluckers" pulling out their own feathers one by one. Parrots often outlive their human owners.

But for the person that has the time, learns how to work with their Parrot, Parrots make wonderful pets. Well behaved parrots are a blessing for others to see and be around. Not only the owners family but friends and neighbors. However, as I said above, without manners and a parrot left to it's own, particularly those that are loud, will be a curse to not only the owners but also anyone around the parrots.

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