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This website is dedicated to all the animals that have wings and a job. House Goose Pets, Chickens that lay eggs for food, Pigeons that fly for weddings, Turkey that plump up for us for Thanksgiving meals, Parrots that entertain us, Bats that eat the mosquitoes, Bees that make honey, Trick Trained Chickens, Pet Ducks that wear diapers, Guinea Fowl that keep the ticks at bay, and many more jobs that a winged animal can and often does have.

We will also salute the "lawn ornaments" that many people, now and in the past and in the future, who own winged workers just to look at them, to enjoy their beauty, little do those people know that those "lawn ornaments" and or "pond swimmers" are actually working as therapy for and calming devices from every day life.

We might have information you are looking for if you are interested in keeping birds or bees. If you are thinking about keeping a HouseGoose or Duck, Chicken or other Poultry in your home we hope you will visit our pages here and other websites for more information. Be sure a House Bird of any sort will fit into the type of home you run before buying. Annnnnnd, if you already bought that bird we sure encourage you to ready everything you can about it's keep.

Are you thinking about having a White Dove Release at your next big event? PLEASE read the humane way this should be done. Those Doves are really White Homing Pigeons. Please don't think you can just run out and buy cheap white Doves and release them into the wild. Dove Release is so much better for the environment then Balloons! The birds love to fly as much as people like to be out and about, and the birds fly home to their own lofts.

Johannesbird Ellie April Modelling Cayuga Duckling

Any type of bird can be trained. If nothing else it will learn your routine and keep you to it. Birds make wonderful pets and their eggs are very nutritious. You can also enjoy crafting with bird eggs and or feather. Birds moult their feathers, so just wait for them to fall out before using.

We hope you will have a look around our site. We enjoy our birds and love to show off their photos and tell about them.

Eden's New Duds Easter Geese 3 2012-04-02


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